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why do acrylic paintings look chalky

Why do acrylic paintings look chalky?

There are several reasons why acrylic paintings have a chalky look when they are completed dry.   Using the wrong white to lighten color The most popular tube acrylic white is titanium white.  It is also the most opaque.  Try using Zinc White to mix color or lighten value.  It is more transparent, and can […]

Acrylic Paint Brand Reviews

Nova Color

Nova Color Acrylic Paint Brand – Company Profile

No Frills Retailer Nova Color is a company based out of southern California which has been making acrylic paint since 1965. Not sold in retail stores, the paint is available online directly from the manufacturer or from their factory store in Culver City, CA – greater Los Angeles area. Nova Color on facebook. Don’t miss their […]


Acrylic Paint Brands & Reviews Index

Comprehensive index for articles and reviews on acrylic artist paint brands. Read impartial, objective reviews written by working studio artists – NOT employee reps of paint manufacturers! Note: Craft, student, classroom, and house paint are not included here. Golden Artist Paints, Inc. One of the best known acrylic artist paint brands.  Golden offers the most comprehensive […]

Acrylic Techniques


3 easy ways to mix acrylic paint colors for artists

1. Physical Mix or Palette Mixing Mixing color on your palette with a palette knife or brush is the most basic method of mixing acrylic paint. The paint is physically mixed together, sort of like a marraige – where two blobs become one. Sticklers for proper form, will insist that a palette knife should be […]


Oil Paint Over Acrylic

Can you paint with Oil Paint over Acrylic Paint? The answer is YES! Many, many fine art professionals use acrylic paint as an undercoat or underpainting for their oil paintings.  Acrylic dries much faster than oil paint. Therefore it is possible to sketch and shade your underpainting in a matter of minutes or hours with […]