Protecting Your Property From Graffiti

The perpetrators of the crime might consider graffiti as a work of art. However, one cannot deny the headaches the spray painted images or text causes to the owner of the house, especially if such an act takes place after he has just repainted the exterior of his house. Removing the traces of paint from the defaced walls requires scraping the affected areas with sandpaper and painting them. According to law, painting on the exterior walls of a house, without the consent of the property owner is tantamount to an act of vandalism, and is punishable by law. However, this does not thwart teenagers from spray painting images and text on walls at random. You can stop these hooligans from damaging your property by applying anti graffiti coating on your walls

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Consider the interior walls of your house as well

You should take the interior walls of your house into consideration too. Kids love to show off their artistic talents by painting images on the walls, disfiguring them in the process. Trying to remove the marks by scrubbing can result in disfiguring the coating of paint on it. However, you can get around this problem by applying smudge free emulsion paints (paints containing teflon are the best) on the walls. You can remove smudge marks by gently scrubbing the affected area gently with a moist cloth. Apart from this, these paints have antifungal and anti bacterial properties as well. These paints are costlier than acrylic or oil based ones, but last much longer.

Protecting the exterior walls

You can protect the exterior walls of your house by applying a layer of anti graffiti coating. Being transparent in colour, these coatings do not damage the looks of your wall. However, they do not allow dyes of marking pens and spray paints from penetrating in to the underlying layer of paint. You have two different types of anti graffiti coating to choose from... non sacrificial and sacrificial.

Sacrificial coating

They are a disposable type of coating in the sense that you have to remove them to remove the graffiti. Use a hosepipe to spray hot water on this coating and it comes off the wall along with the graffiti. If only a small part of the wall is affected, scrub it to remove the coating, wait for the surface to dry, and reapply a fresh layer of sacrificial coating. Since no chemicals are used for the removal process, this type of coating is best suited for environmentally sensitive areas.

Non sacrificial coatings

As its name suggests, this coating is exactly the opposite of sacrificial coating. They can withstand lots of abuse and last for many years. You can use water based cleaners to cleanse the affected areas. This procedure does not harm the surface of the protective layer. Search the net. You will find many companies that specialise in manufacturing such coatings. Most companies will send their representative to show you a demonstration of the effectiveness of their products. Choose one that is cost effective and withstands repeated acts of vandalism.